Salvation Army Increases Goal of Red Kettle Campaign

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Chapters of The Salvation Army across the state say with the need this season higher and fewer donations, many families could have to go without this Thanksgiving.

The Grand Island Chapter has upped its fundraising goal to $205,000 during its Red Kettle campaign, which is an increase of five percent over last year.

The sound of the bell ringing outside different stores is iconic this time of year. Bell ringers asking you to donate money to the Salvation Army.

"It all adds up," said Captain Dave Mowers with The Salvation Army.

Captain Mowers says each donation helps fund the non-profit so it can offer essential services to the community, which are in high demand.

"While Nebraska has weathered fairly well on the unemployment storm we have a lot of under employed people here in Grand Island that we continue to serve," said Mowers.

Leaving many people living paycheck to paycheck. In tough economic times people struggle, and money is tight even from the state and federal government.

"The state has a program called the Nebraska Homeless Assistance Program it's a grant for organizations that provide housing to homeless. That's a grant when we applied two years ago we were completely shut out of funding. Because there is less funds from the state and the funds they receive from the federal government are getting cut. Even those who were receiving that money from the program were seeing it get cut," said Mowers.

Which means the Salvation Army has to look else where for money.

"Those types of programs when they are not available to us means that we have to rely more on the public to help meet those needs," said Mowers.

Which is why Captain Mowers says the goal is to raise extra money during this campaign to help absorb any potential shortages in the future.