Salvation Army Out of Turkeys for Giveaway Baskets

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People lined up an hour before the Salvation Army's turkey giveaway even started. They were relying on the event to feed their families this holiday but things didn't go as planned for everyone.

"No more turkeys left, they're all gone!" said one volunteer.

That's what some people heard as they approached the doors of the Salvation Army Monday afternoon.

Expecting to leave with a turkey in hand, many instead stood shocked. Two hundred turkeys gone in just 40 minutes.

"We got here at 1:25 p.m. expecting to get a turkey. We found out there weren't any left, no turkey meals or nothing," said Sandy Warren.

"They said they were going to try and get some more donations and hopefully they'd be up again tomorrow," said Rhonda Rush.

Last year, the Salvation Army handed out 400 turkeys over three days. Those that got one this year feel lucky.

"It was a long, long line, I've been here two hours and got one," said Roslyn Borrego.

Staff say they aren't sure what's to blame for the increase in need and decrease in donations.

"It was a real surprise. You never know if people give little apathy after hearing the same type of story. Are people believing the numbers are up?" said Captain Jamie Pennington of the Salvation Army.

The organization plans to give away as much as they can in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. They're relying on Lincoln's generosity to help make that happen.

"Kind of like loaves and fishes, things just aren't multiplying like they should be. We're doing what we can do and that's about all we can do right now," Captain Pennington said.