Santa Cop Program Continues 33 Year Tradition

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Their sleighs are shopping carts.

Their spirit shakes, not like a bowl full of jelly, but with kindness in Kelley - Kelly green t-shirts that is.

They don't reach for cookies and milk, they reach for gifts.

And their magic lies in the gesture of giving to kids on Christmas.

They are the Santa Cops. The project that gives back to kids in the Lincoln area started 33 years ago.

"I was part of it from the beginning," said Tracey Domgard of the Lincoln Police Department.

She is still a major part of the program.

"I sat on the floor and wrapped 400 presents that year," said Domgard.

32 years later, they are wrapping a lot more presents. This year they have $28,000 to spend on the Christmas presents for kids.

The money comes from silent auctions and donations.

"It's just the right thing to do. What better. I mean little people that need gifts at Christmas, They really do," said Domgard.

"It just doesn't get any better than that. You just feel so good when you go out and do things, particularly for kids they they need it," said Rick Waldren of the Northeast Lincoln Kiwanis Club.

Kiwanis partnered with the police this year to help with fundraising and volunteer efforts.

"It's just a great feeling during the Christmas season," sad Sue Waldren of Northeast Lincoln Kiwanis Club.