Santa Cop Auction Raises More than $40,000

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"It's all about the children," said Brytten Sorgenfrei, President of Santa Cop. "We're doing this for the kids that need us."

Thousands of kids will wake up to a surprise on Christmas morning.

"You see presents under the tree and some families can't afford it," said Lacey Reha, Assistant President of Santa Cop.

The Santa Cop auction raised $41,388.09 Sunday afternoon at the Lancaster Event Center. Some higher auctions were for a 2002 Toyota Camry which sold for $5,200 and a Taylor Swift guitar sold for $700.

"Holiday is about the children," said Sorgenfrei. "The kids they make the holiday spirit so much better, and if we can give them a Christmas they can remember that really is special."

Stacey Doehring owns Havelock Furniture. She donates auction items, and bids on things as well, because the money is all going to a cause she believes in.

"There are so many kids right here in our own area that need help," said Doehring. "We like to do local stuff to help the kids locally."

She says it teaches her children a good lesson.

"I have four kids at home and I want them to know how important it is to help the kids who are less fortunate," said Doehring. "We struggle ourselves as a small business and as a family of four kids so we do what we can to teach them why it's so important to share with others who are less fortunate."

Santa Cop is still accepting donations. You can call their hotline at (402)441-7204. Or donate on their Website