Scam Alert: Woman Scammed Out of Hundreds in IRS Scam

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HICKMAN, Neb. -- Answering a scam phone call leaves one Lancaster County woman out hundreds of dollars.

Wednesday, the Lancaster County Sheriff's Department responded to a call from a Hickman woman who claimed she had gotten a call from the IRS saying she owed $500 in back-taxes.

The woman says the man she talked to on the phone had a foreign accident and told her to go to the nearest CVS and put money into a pack card. She then gave the card's number to the man, who took all the cash off of the card.

"These kinds of scams people need to be very leery of them and not rely on the phone number provided to you, but call a known number for the IRS that's published," said Sheriff Terry Wagner.

Sheriff Wagner says that if the IRS does need to contact you for money owed, it will be through the mail, with a specific number to call.