School Kids Honor, Remember Teacher Who Died

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If you saw hundreds of balloons floating over Lincoln this afternoon, there was a very special reason for it.

Last week, 35 year old Dayna Buss, a longtime and well-respected and admired teacher at Cavett Elementary in Lincoln, died after battling cervical cancer.

On the Cavett school playground Thursday afternoon, hundreds of kids with ballons in hand, and special messages written on those balloons, released them into the air, to honor Buss, who taught for 14 years at the school. Buss' last day was in early October.

"It felt really good to have Ms. Buss knowing that we did this for her,"
said one fifth grade girl.

Friends and co-workers say Buss was born to teach, and was adored by her young students.

As the students released the balloons into the air, and the balloons later faded into the bright, blue, sun-drenched sky, they cheered and laughed and smiled, as kids do. Just the way Buss would've wanted it. Everyone having fun, being inspired, enjoying the moment.

And while the balloons disappeared from sight, the memories of their beloved teacher were only solidifed in their hearts.

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