Seasonal Workers Being Hired at Rapid Pace

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Tagging trees near his greenhouse in Lincoln, Mark Charipar with Landmark Landscapes is already dealing with a full workload. It's warmer temperatures that have many of his customers already planning landscaping projects around their homes.

"Our projects are commencing with the lawn and the trees and the growing cycle, builders are building new homes and we're adding the landscapes to those homes," said Charipar.

He says early spring is commonly the time of year his company is looking to hire extra hands, sometimes even doubling his staff.

"We're definitely looking at selling the ranks of our employees early March already, if the weather provides us," said Charipar.

"You do see as the weather gets warmer, companies start to ramp up their hiring," said Express Employment Owner Tim Washburn.

However it's not just landscapers numbers that are growing, as Express Employment tells us Construction Companies and State Parks are a few more of the many businesses bringing new workers on board in the upcoming months.

"Over the next 45 days, we'll start seeing much more of a push in a hiring process. Certainly by June that's where you start to peak out a little bit," said Washburn.

While many of these jobs will provide work for thousands of Nebraskans over the spring and summer months, some of these positions lead to full time jobs by companies looking to hold onto proven, quality employees.

"Their will be opportunities, not only from a temp standpoint but also from long term opportunities," said Washburn.