Seats Installed in GISH Auditorium

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All of the brand new red seats have been installed in the Grand Island Senior High Auditorium and on Friday the Grand Island Public Schools staff got a chance to enjoy the seats.

"To see it go from worn and well-loved; to empty, vacant; to see the stone upon stone being rebuilt was absolutely remarkable. And walking in today...just very, very proud," said Reba Zana, the Co-Chair of the Restoring A Masterpiece Campaign.

The annual all-staff assembly taking place in the auditorium Friday was filled with motivational speeches and presentations on how to create better learning environments for students.

Ana Moyers, a 7th grade teacher at Walnut Middle School said, "I'm very excited. I have less students because I'm on a half team, so I get to have a little bit more of an in-depth relationship with each of my students. I get to spend more time with them and I think it will be really awesome to just build those relationships right away."

All of the new seats in the auditorium were filled with teachers, principals and school staff. Officials for the Restoring a Masterpiece Campaign said they know the auditorium wouldn't be available for the assembly if it wasn't for a lot of hard work.

"Just pride in everyone who has taken a part in this project. Acknowledging the amount of work that it took to get to this place this quickly," said Zana.

Even though the seats may have been installed, the entire project isn't completed yet. The whole auditorium won't be finished until late September.