Sec. of State Qualifies Jenkins for November Ballot

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LINCOLN, Neb. Nebraska Secretary of State, John Gale, said today that enough signatures have been verified to put Jim Jenkins on the ballot as a non-partisan candidate in November.

Representatives from Jenkins' campaign say he turned in nearly 6,000 signatures. To be added to the ballot, at least 4,000 valid signatures were required with at least 750 of those signatures collected in each of Nebraska’s three congressional districts.

"Nebraskans will now have an additional choice in November. I will focus on bringing people together not partisan bickering and division. I will work to unite Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who are committed to putting the interests of the country ahead of partisan self-interests,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins also announced today that if elected to the Senate, he would not caucus with either political party.

“I’m going to Washington to represent Nebraska. I’m going to represent America. I’m not going to represent a party. I’m going to put the state of Nebraska and it’s hard working people first."

“I’m running for the United States Senate because, like most Americans, I understand the system is broken. Congress is not governing. If we truly want to change Washington, we have to elect a bridge builder not another partisan stalwart who puts party power over the good of our country. Not left, not right, but forward,” Jenkins said.

“And yet that sensible center is not heard and is certainly not represented in Congress. I welcome Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, everyone who is fed up with the broken system in Washington, to join my campaign. It’s time for change. And Nebraska might just have the solution to once and for all end the partisan gridlock.”