Secretary Of Defense Chuck Hagel Speaks At Arlington National Cemetery

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Secretary Of Defense Chuck Hagel spoke at Arlington National Cemetery Monday, introducing the President.

Hagel is from North Platte and in 1996, Secretary Hagel was elected to the United States Senate and represented Nebraska until 2009.

Hagel thanked fallen families for attending the ceremony and then he also described why he believes this holiday is especially important this year.

"Given that next week marks the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day landings at Normandy. A day that was perhaps America's bloodiest day in all of Wold War II. A day with more than 10,000 allied casualties.
Such a staggering toll is difficult to comprehend. As we commemorate the fallen - I think of the wisdom, and humility of our then supreme Allied Commander General Dwight David Eisenhower," said Hagel.

Hagel also complimented the President, describing him as the type of leader who can lead America during this "transition" from the last 13 years of war.

Hagel is the first enlisted combat veteran to lead the Department of Defense.