Security Concerns for Lincoln's Paint Party

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Lincoln, NE-- Loud music, dancing, combined with tons of paint may sound fun, but a party at the Pershing Center brings concerns for the security and safety of party goers.

“Go big red!” Hundreds of people inside the Pershing lobby chant, but it’s not a Husker game.
Instead, it’s Life in Color, known as “the world’s largest paint party.”

“It’s fun, dancing is fun, everyone loves loud music and paint adds excitement to it,” said Josh Schiefelbein of Lincoln.

A huge light show that the event manager says is reeling in more than 3,000 people. Unfortunately, with the high number comes a bigger concern.

“I’ve heard that a lot of people try to hand you drugs,” said Miranda Vick.

Police say with concerts like this, there is a good chance that trouble will follow. Lincoln Police says the Pershing Center hired off-duty officers for more security.

Even with the dangers around, some are just trying to focus on the fun.

“Honestly I’m hoping for the best. I’m not thinking about the consequences right now,” said Nick Banaszak.

Life in Color production director said they won’t allow anyone who looks like they’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol into the building. However, he said they cannot control what everyone brings in. The Pershing also has more than 20 officers on guard and wristbands for those 21 and older so they can monitor drinking.

Those who attended said they plan to be smart and stay safe.

“No drinks from anyone,” said Micki Stark.
“We have boys to protect us that might be smart" said Kaylyn Long.

“Make good choices, I’m old enough to make choices from right or wrong," said Schiefelbein

Other concerns were that it would be too dark inside the party for security to really monitor what was going on. However the director says there are plenty of lights from the concert.