Semi Truck Collision Sends One Person to the Hospital

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First responders say one driver blew a stop sign and the other semi truck didn't have enough time to stop causing them to crash into each other and take out a power pole.

It all took place this afternoon just after one thirty on Highway 2 and East Webb Road.

First responders took one person to the hospital with minor head injuries, and the other driver refused to go to the hospital.

"Probably wouldn't have been any injuries if they would've been wearing seat belts. We ask everyone to wear your seat belts no matter if you are just backing out of the driveway or just driving around town, and especially if you are traveling on the highways make sure you have your seat belts on," said Captain Todd Morgan of the Grand Island Fire Department.

Utility crews were also on scene. They had to replace a power pole after one of the semi trucks snapped it.

"We had one large stability pole that was sheered off at the bottom. The truck spilled a large amount of diesel fuel both trucks were carrying just about a full load," said Morgan.

Crews have since cleaned up the spill. Traffic was diverted for about two hours while tow trucks removed the semi trucks.