Semi Truck Drivers Affected by High Winds

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Kenworth Semi Truck Driver, Ed Drunen, is traveling from Chicago to California. Though he usually enjoys driving, he is not excited about maneuvering his truck through the wind.

"It very hard, it’s very dangerous, it could blow us over 50 miles an hour wind gust will tip an empty truck over," said Drunen.

Drunen is transporting frozen nacho cheese, but he says if he was carrying a lighter load he would have to park because of the weather, which he says, is bad for business.

"It slows up production, makes everything late, the trucker looses money and the industry looses money," said Drunen.

To prevent that from happening Drunen says he is taking extra precautions.

"You have to lower your speed, if you get a cross wind you have to lower your speed, that usually the procedure," said Drunen.

According to Drunen, high speed winds could be more dangerous than snow and even heavy rain.

"You can’t see the wind. Snow and ice you can see, a high wind gusts can hit you, and before you know it your tipped over," said Drunen.

According to the Nebraska State Patrol there were two semi truck accidents Tuesday near Paxton. Troopers say those accidents are due to wind and slush.