September- Deadliest Month for Nebraska Drivers

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The Nebraska Department of Roads released a statement calling September the most deadly month for Nebraska drivers this year.

Twenty-nine people were killed in traffic crashes on Nebraska roadways.

Of these 29 deaths, thirteen were not wearing seatbelts.

Also, 21 of the deaths happened in rural areas. Lincoln Fire and Rescue says this could happen because of the shape of the roads.

"Country roads are what we call crown," said Battalion Chief Bruce Sellon.

"They're kind of rounded on the top and so cars tend to take the center of the road. Really slowing down and getting off to your lane or your side of the road is appropriate when going over hills."

LFR says with the weather changing, you will need to be extra careful behind the wheel.

"There are a lot of blind intersections in the rural areas and those always call for a safe approach by all drivers from all directions," he said. "Many times their unmarked, they don't necessarily have a stop sign."