Update: Severe Weather Overturns Semis, Causes Damage in Gibbon

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GIBBON, Neb. -- Communities are in recovery mode Thursday morning after severe weather hit the Gibbon-area. Buffalo County received mutual aid from several counties Wednesday night.

According to a preliminary damage assessment by the Buffalo County Emergency Manager, power lines were down, at least two farmsteads have damage to their outbuildings, a house in Blue Sky Estates has roof damage and there is plenty of hail and wind damage.

Buffalo County Emergency Manager Darrin Lewis said, “I think they’re doing their best to pick up and try and do all their damage assessments. Our people are resilient and they will fix their damage and move on.”

Power is mostly back up as of this morning according to Lewis, but close to 100 people or more in the Gibbon-area are still without power.

Kearney, Gibbon, Shelton Fire, Good Samaritan Rescue, NSP and Buffalo County Sheriff Deputies responded to reports of four overturned semi's, dead cattle, broken windows, downed trees on cars and other damages after a possible tornado hit the area.

Buffalo County is continuing to work with the Red Cross to do a damage assessment for personal property.