Update: Family Gets Social Media & Texting Privileges Back After 2 Weeks Without It

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After two weeks with no texting and no social media, the Aldrich family is back to texting, tweeting, and Facebooking. The family jumped back online as soon as possible.

The family missed their technology, but they say their friends struggled as much as they did.

"Definitely excited, I think my friends are more excited than I am," said Makenna Aldrich.

"All my friends were like 'Why aren't you texting me back?' and I told them it's because I have this 10/11 thing I have to do," said Maryssa Aldrich.

Parents Kevin and Beth Aldrich had a difficult time not being able to contact their children.

"We're closer to our family that's not around. Texting, it was tough not being able to text the kids or Beth to say 'do this' or 'go there' or this is what is happening," said Kevin Aldrich.

"It was harder to communicate with the kids with being busy with work and life in general. It would be easier to send them a text and say 'hey you have this at this time' or 'hey I'm gonna be here.' Instead you had to wait for them to get home or out of school to call them," said Beth Aldrich.

Not being able to constantly communicate with their children also made the family realize how normal being on a cell phone is.

"It was always interesting being at events and seeing a lot of people on their phone and we would just be sitting there looking at each other like 'Oh, now we have to talk to each other'," said Beth.

Some family members didn't think the experiment changed their lives much.

"29 Snapchats, 17 text messages, 3 or 4 Kicks. Just got a text right now actually. And a lot of instagram and Facebook notifications," said Kyleigh Aldrich.

Family members, especially son Bronson, likely won't be letting go of their social media anytime soon.

Do you remember your life before social media? Before texting? Both can be very time consuming and addicting.10/11 set out to find a family willing to give it up for two weeks. A family of six in Seward saw our post about the challenge on twitter and decided to give it a try.

Meet the participants: parents, Kevin and Beth, daughters Makenna, 15, Kyleigh, 14 , Maryssa 11, and son, Bronson, 6.

"It's kind of amazing how before when you didn't have them you didn't miss them, but now you have them and if you can't reach somebody it's tough. You wonder why you can't reach them when you know they have that instant access." said Kevin.

The Aldrich family spends hours on social media and primarily communicates through texting. But for two weeks, they've agreed not to text or log on to any of their social media accounts.

Not all of them were excited about the challenge.

"This was Kevin's idea. I'm okay with it though because I think my kids need to kind of know the way it used to be when they didn't have all this other stuff," said Beth.

The kids were reluctant, but agreed to take the challenge, knowing it won't be easy.

"It's not gonna be very fun. I'm not gonna be able to do any of the stuff I spend my time doing when I'm absolutely bored," said Makenna.

"Well I don't use it all but I don't use it that much. (What apps do you use?) Mostly instagram and Voxer," said Maryssa.

When asked who will have the hardest time not breaking the rules, all fingers pointed to Kyleigh.

"This is definitely gonna be the hardest for me because I have a lot of people that I talk to, mainly texting, and I go on instagram quite a lot because I get bored a lot," said Kyleigh.

As for what she's going to do in her so-called free time...

"Probably talk my dad into taking me down to the softball field to relieve some anger from not being able to text," said Kyleigh.

Anger that will likely lead to a couple balls over the fence.