Meeting the New Athletic Director

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Last October, Tom Osborne announced his retirement as the Athletic Director of the University of Nebraska. And now the University has a new athletic director, Shawn Eichorst.

He sat down with Jon and Taryn Vanderford on First at Four to talk about himself and the future of the athletic department.

Here are the questions the Vanderfords asked Shawn Eichorst:

You are a Midwest guy. You grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. How does that help you understand the values of Nebraskans?

Tell us a little about your family (wife and three boys).

Since you're an athletic director, you're always around sports. How much emphasis do you place on sports for your kids? Did you play sports yourself?

Is this your dream job?

Football is a big deal around here. What do you think of the Nebraska football program since you've been here?

You were the athletic director at Miami. Do you think Nebraska is an attractive environment for today's student athletes?

How has the landscape of college athletics changed? Is it still about the student athletes?

What are your thoughts on hiring coaches? Do you think there should be more loyalty to schools?