Update: Man Dies From Gunshot Wound After Assault

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. -- The man who allegedly shot himself, while police stood just a few feet away in another room, died at a Kearney hospital.

Lincoln County Sheriff's Department says 26-year-old Christopher Tidball passed away Thursday. Tidball was hospitalized after an alleged domestic assault ended with a self-inflicted gunshot wound late Tuesday at North Platte's Patriot Mobile Home Park.

North Platte Police arrived at Lot #12 in the Patriot Mobile Home Park around 11 p.m. According to a press release, Tuesday night authorities were told there was a physical fight between a man and woman. Witnesses say a man ran away from the scene on foot.

Police found a woman bleeding heavily from her head. The woman says she was assaulted by, 26-year-old Christopher W. Tidball. She says she was kicked with boots to the head and beaten with a lamp. She went to the hospital.

Police searched for Tidball, but it was the neighbors that told them Tidball eventually returned home. As law enforcement stood at the front of the home, Tidball shot himself in another room. Tidball was taken to Great Plains Health then transported to Kearney's Good Samaritan Hospital with life threatening injuries.

Lincoln County Sheriff Jerome Kramer says, "She suffered injuries to the head and she was bleeding. She was transported by ambulance to the hospital. In the meantime, they continued to look for Christopher and neighbors reported he returned to the trailer house. Officers returned to the trailer house they heard noise from a back room that they identified as a gunshot. They went to that area and found he had a self–inflicted wound."

Some of the neighbors are shaken up by what happened last night. They say all of the sudden they looked out the window and they saw police converging on the area.

Shelly Vieyra a mobile park resident says, "There were cops everywhere. The State Patrol and everyone was out here. I started to see them suit up and then when they started walking down my street there was three of them walking down the street side by side and shining lights everywhere like they were looking for somebody. That is when she shined the light on me and I asked if everything was okay and he said to go back inside and stay inside."

Another trail park resident Tara Cobb says, "It hit a little close to home. You do not know people really behind closed doors and what can actually go on."

Lincoln County Sheriff Jerome Kramer says his office will now investigate since there will be a grand jury investigation.