Shooting Victim Finds Sobriety, Family on Road to Recovery

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Thirty-seven year old Jason Lassen needs your help.

"If you've heard anything or you know anybody that knows something, just let me know," said Lassen.

In early January 2012, Lassen was shot four times while sleeping under the Mopac Bridge at 27th and "W" in Lincoln. He was homeless at the time.

"I took the brunt of all the bullets," said Lassen.

No one has been arrested in the shooting and there are no suspects.

A witness says he heard the unknown assailant/gunman yell out the name "Tony" during the early morning shooting. Police say it may have been a case of mistaken identity, but it's still unclear.

Lassen continues to recover from his horrific wounds, which have kept him attached to feeding tubes and monitors. He will still need months to recover. At the same time he is trying to be upbeat and positive.

Lassen says he has a new outlook on life. He's kicked his drinking habit and is now in contact again with his family.

"He's given me a second chance on life I never had," said Lassen. "Got me off the streets. I'm sober. My family is talking to me again. I strictly believe it was a God reason. And he's given me another chance to find out what."