Slim Christmas Trees This Year's Trend

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Skinny is in, that's what a survey of national retailers found about this year's Christmas tree trends. Some retailers like Sam's Club are so sure of this trend, they're only carrying slim Christmas trees.

"At Sam's Club we like to be ahead of the curve, so listening to our members' requests is why we brought in the slim Christmas trees, because they like to have them in all rooms of their homes. Makes it a little bit easier because of the size difference," said Brett McIntosh, one of the managers at the Grand Island Sam's Club.

There aren't exact dimensions that define a tree as slim, but the width is usually 40 or 45 percent of the height. The skinniest pencil trees, however, measure just 18 inches across. The more slender trees typically cost a little less, and those choosing slim or pencil varieties have their reasons.

Tillie DeFreese put up a pencil tree in her front room this year. "They're a dominant tree yet they don't take up too much space," she said.

But for DeFreese and some others, the slim trees are simply secondary ones for their smaller rooms.

"Probably for the basement it'll be a fuller tree because I have more room down there," added DeFreese.

But while skinny is trending, many people still prefer the traditional look, so most stores still sell heavy-bottomed trees.

"I think they're really neat, too. You just have to have the right room for it," said Shelly Bartles of the slim trees.

But she said it just wasn't for her family.

"We have so many ornaments. There's at least 250 ornaments on our tree, and it just fills it in so well. I just love the big round trees so i can have a lot of ornaments," said Bartles.