Update: Pepsi names Lee Brice as their performer in Milligan, NE

Photo Credit: Ronda Korbelik

UPDATE: Pepsi tweeted "We're prepping for tonight's #ParkingLotParty in Milligan, NE with @leebrice. Get Hyped for #halftime!"
Super Bowl XLVIII is less than a month away, but people in Milligan are already "Getting Hyped for Halftime."

Village Board Chairman Eric Milton says two Super Bowll XLVIII commercials for Pepsi will be shot in Milligan Saturday. He says the beverage giant arrived in the small, southeast Nebraska town Thursday.

Pepsi machines popped up all over town, dispensing free cans of pop. The cans invite people to "Get Hyped for Halftime" by joining Pepsi for a concert at Evening with Friends, a local restaurant. Milton says a concert will take place outside the restaurant, but who is preforming is still a secret.

According to a Pepsi spokesman, Milligan was chosen because it is the geographic halfway point in American. They say this is just the beginning. As the official sponsor of the Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show, Pepsi will continue to surprise fans across America by bringing the excitement of the show to unexpected places.

Photo Credit: Ronda Korbelik