"Smart Meters" Not Coming to Lincoln Yet

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Already 8 million homes nationwide use smart meters and nearly 60 million could have one by 2020, including homes in Lincoln.

While LES has the idea on the back burner for now, it's not out of the question yet.

"It's definitely something we feel would be conceivable with advanced technology and cost improvements," LES Spokesperson Kelley Porter said.

It's advanced technology that power companies across the country are rolling out quickly and aggressively.

But, LES isn't jumping on the bandwagon just yet.

"There need to be some maturities with the technology, such as cyber security and standards for the home area network. We'll also want to look at improved communications and how we want to integrate that with our customer database," Porter said.

That customer base is weighing in.

A machine that can read what they do with electricity right when they do it raises more than one question. One of those is about privacy.

"If you're going to be able to tell me how many hours I've been watching tv rather than just looking at a number on a meter, and if you're going to be able to tell me what I've been doing in my apartment, than that's my own business," LES customer Amber Roessler said.

Another question consumers have: what it means for their wallet.

"I wouldn't have any problem with it. If they're able to personalize my electric use, that would be fine so I could see where I could cut back on electricity if I want to save on a future bill," LES customer Neil Dufford said.

LES has questions too, but they don't plan to ask theirs until 2018.

"It is very new still and it's something we want to continue looking at and analyzing," Porter said.