Snow Covering Fire Hydrants an Issue for Fire Crews

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When crews show up on the scene of an emergency like a fire, time is of the essence.

"When we get there we've got to locate the Fire Hydrant, UN-bury it if necessary to make it usable," said Assistant Lincoln Fire and Rescue Chief Pat Borer.

With several inches of snow falling this past week, getting to this vital resource has been difficult and crews say they find themselves wasting valuable time just trying to hook up to the hydrant.

"That snow freezes over and gets really hard and it's not a matter of kicking the snow out of the way, you actually have to dig the hydrant out and get down to it," said Borer.

Those interested in adopting a Fire Hydrant can do so through the following website.

With Fire Hydrants located on nearly every other block throughout Lincoln, Fire and Rescue Crews are asking homeowners to help keep these hydrants free of snow and ice and allow this crucial resource to be ready.

"In the winter we ask that they remove the snow from around it, about a three foot area around the Fire Hydrant so that we can get right up to it so we can hook our hoses up to it as quickly as possible" said Borer.