Snow Plows Work on Residential Areas

It's a busy time for snow plows. Snow and ice from last week's storm is covering streets around the city.

Many of these streets are in residential areas.

"People have to understand," said one plow driver. "You know, we have a lot of streets in Lincoln. Our first priority is to get those major arterials going so people can get to work and get around."

Since the storm, people have been wondering why residential streets are still covered.

They spoke out on 1011's Facebook page.

Gloria Wohlers said: Sill some icy spots, but thank you to the road crews for all they do and when they do it.

Yvette Freeman said: Absolutely terrible, side streets are still a sheet of ice and cant stop at intersections.

Representatives from public works say are still working on it.

"With the temps the way they are," said Roger Tiedeman. "The way the storm came at us-- It came as rain, sleet and snow, and it all compacted.

Then, the vehicles compacted it even more. With the very low temperatures, it all became a sheet of ice. Once it gets packed down, it's really problematic to get that stuff to move."

Now you should start to see some relief in your neighborhood.
Thanks to a mixture of sand and salt, which they call "50/50" or "half and half."

"The salt with temps 25 degrees and above will help melt the ice, and the sand will then be left behind for traction purposes."