Some Thieves Will Steal Anything

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From gas to snacks nothing is too small for some thieves. Lincoln police investigate all sorts of theft no matter how big or small the value.

Police officers respond to crimes everyday, from robberies to assaults. They also see a wide range of thefts, some of which leave them wondering why the suspect would take the risk.

For instance one man took a bottle of vodka from a convenince store.
Another thief tried on a watch at G and g Smoke Shop and walked out with it.
A woman bought some gum recently at a gas station but then decided to steal a pair of sunglasses.
A man had a similar thought, he walked into a Kwik Shop and walked out with a polar bear stocking cap.
Even that seems like a lot to one man who took a stick of deodarant from Russ' Market but before he left he also downed an energy drink in the bathroom.
Just because the items in these cases aren't worth much, doesn't mean the police think they're no big deal. They say you will be ticketed and end up with that crime on your record.

If you have any information on any of the crimes from the pictures above, call Crimestoppers at 475-3600.