Southeast Community College Projects Raise Property Taxes In 15 Counties

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"Translates to about $6 a year for the owner of a $150,000 house," said Southeast Community College President Jack Huck.

Southeast Community College approved the rate hike in it's September budget hearing and Jack Huck says the increase, which will give them an extra $4 Million will not only pay for it's half of the $25 Million joint Career Center with Lincoln Public Schools, but also projects like a new building for the John Deere Training program in Milford.

Unlike Lincoln Public Schools, SCC has the ability to raise a small portion of your taxes without having to ask voters.

"The ability to finance that through a separate Capital Construction Levy that's available for us and we can levy up to two cents through the statute to do Capital Projects," said Huck.

Even though not all people in the 15 counties in which SCC draws from live in Lincoln. Huck says the High School Career Center is a benefit that goes beyond students in LPS.

"It's not just where are we going to get the people to fill the jobs but what's the skill level of those people coming to fill those jobs," said Huck.