St. Paul Kicks Off December With a New Tradition

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With Christmas just weeks away, one town is starting off December with what they hope will become an annual tradition.

"I just love Christmas. It's always been such an important part of my life," said longtime St. Paul resident Alice Osterman.

Osterman is the leading force behind the town's 1st Annual Christmas Festival, which drew hundreds of residents as well as people from other towns.

"There were several times when I looked and all of Main Street there was not a parking spot, and you don't see that every often in St. Paul so that was really exciting," Osterman said.

The festival also featured nearly 50 vendors, who said the event helped bring attention to their businesses.

"It's just something that everyone that's walked up, it's put a big smile on their face. They've never seen them before so it's brought attention to something new and creative," said vendor Ashley Kozeal, who makes custom wreaths.

"They all say they've been very busy and really pleased with how it's gone. And so it definitely brought business into St. Paul, and in a small town I think that's important," added Osterman, who said she hopes to make the festival larger next year so that it involves even more people and businesses in the community.

Festival goers said the event not only boosts economic revenue, but also community morale.

"It certainly brings people into the community. I think it would be beneficial to all the businesses, and it's just everybody gets together," said St. Paul resident Peggy Soneson.

"Oh I think it's great because it brings the whole community together and it just gets everyone involved in the community," added Kozeal.