St. Paul School Dealing With Issues Over New Student

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ST. PAUL, Neb. -- A new student with a troubled past has the community of St. Paul split on how to handle it.

During a school board meeting Tuesday parents raised their concern of having this student in school with their children.

However, parents say during the meeting, attorneys and councilors representing the students said there was no threat.

There are those in the community who agree and say they child should be allowed to have the education in St. Paul.

"In all honesty, I'm a little bit scared to have my kid go to school here," said one parent who wished to remain anonymous. "I'm kind of wondering if I don't need to opt out and send her to a different place just so I know she's safe. I don't want to take the chance that somebody else is going to get hurt, we already dealt with one death last year, I don't want to see something happen again."

However, other parents said while the child may deserve a second chance, they have to be first concerned with the well being of their own children.

Some in the community said a handful of parents have already pulled their children from the school district to send them to Elba or St. Libory.