Star City Buzz: Valentine's Day Special

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Whether you're single and going out with girlfriend's, or someone's girlfriend - Star City Buzz gives you a peak into where you can go on the day dedicated to love!

"Spring Awakening," at Nebraska Wesleyan University:

They say, the early bird, gets the worm. Well, you can kick-start your Valentine's Day weekend, with the Broadway hit, "Spring Awakening."

"It's about those awkward times we have during puberty," Director Jack Parkhurst Said.

You don't have to fly to New York. Nebraska Wesleyan University has your ticket.

"Fortunately, we're one of the first to get amateur rights," he said.

The show kicks off Thursday night and runs for two weekends.

Dinner For Two at Misty's :

Ah, puppy love. Cute. Innocent youth filled with crushes and yes, no or maybe, love letters.

Well, you're an adult now and for the ladies and gents out there, adult dining.

"We have a New York Strip, Shrimp, Lobster, Crab Meat, mushrooms and then for our dessert for two, a Creme Brulee'," Misty's Owner and Chef Reese Hummel said.

Misty's has three Lincoln locations and one really cool special that changes up every year.

Make your loved one feel special - Valentines Day.

"It's probably one of the top 10 days of the year," Hummel said.

A Good Variety at Green Gateau :

You can have your cake and eat it too. Literally. There's over 170 selections of wine to choose from. Where? Green Gateau. That's french for, "Green Cake." And this Valentine's day the Downtown Lincoln Restaurant has green cake, big lobsters and juicy steak.

"We typically pick something, that's going to appeal to the love and the heart of most of us and that's beef tenderloin and seafood, " General Manager Lori Wells said of their Valentine's Day Menu.

Hurry and make your reservation for you and your loved one. Reservations are going fast.

Feel High Society In Lincoln:

Want to feel high society, but not pay high society costs? High Society Cheesecake, will help you save cheese, and make a good impression on your date.

"We have a specialty sampler dedicated to the day, and if you don't eat a full cheesecake, we have mini's," Co-owner Racher Morris said.

The cheesecake company will take orders until Monday, Feb. 13th.