Star City Holiday Parade Floats Re-Routed To Seward

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10/11 is your first news source to break this story. The Star City Holiday Parade, has been re-routed to nearby Seward. Due to budget cuts, The Parade's final run through was back in 2009.

That hasn't stopped Seward officials from picking up where Star City left off. Town organizers will hold the first ever Seward Lighted Christmas Parade.

They'll use the old floats from Lincoln for their event.

"We were talking one time about the Fall Festival and what we did there and we start talking about how Seward is such a charming town with the Town Square, then we started talking about Christmas events, how they lighted them and what they did, and we thought that would be a great thing to bring to Seward, " Parade Volunteer Denise Christensen said.

The parade rolls into Seward, Saturday, November 26 at 5:30 PM. Two days after Thanksgiving.