State Fair Holds Older Nebraskan Day

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- The Nebraska State Fair is an exciting place to be, but for senior citizens the crowds and loud noises can be difficult to deal with. So the fair sets aside a day every year specifically for seniors.

It's the only Wednesday the Nebraska State Fair sees and every year that means more sights, sounds, and events for the older generations of Nebraska and Older Nebraskan Day is held.

Wednesday always works because it's usually a slower day.

The fair tries to plan ahead to make sure everyone can enjoy themselves.

"We really do have something for everybody from kids to our older generations," said Chelsea Jungck, the Events and Entertainment Director for the State Fair. "Zero to 99, there's something for everybody to do here. We pick specific days to try to focus on different demographics, different generations."

And the older groups at the fair Wednesday recognized why it's important they could come to the fair.

"I think agriculture is the main point that we're making and a lot of your older Nebraskans realize that," said Lanell Fuelberth of Central City.

Hebron resident Norman Ough added, "It gives us all a chance to get together. You see a lot of people your own age, that always makes it nice to have that."

To celebrate the older fair goers the State Fair has shows and exhibits that aren't available other days.

"We offer a fun concert, we learned a few years ago that we needed to offer two of those shows in one day so this year it's BJ Thomas," said Jungck. "We also do health and wellness and informational booths in the Bosselman Conference Center and St. Francis is here doing health screenings."

And with so much to choose from, the older Nebraskans all have their favorites, even if they can't pick just one.

"Everything is good!" said Fuelberth. "We like the food, we like to try the different foods when we're here. We enjoy the entertainment, all the of little stages also."

State Fair officials said that on Old Nebraskan Day every year they have more volunteers and more transportation vehicles to make sure that older Nebraskans get the chance to enjoy their day at the fair.