State Fair Midway Has More and Bigger Rides and Games

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb.-- Food, animals, and rides. It's all come to Grand Island once again for the 145th annual Nebraska State Fair.

The Nebraska State Fair provides plenty of attractions for fair goers, but some say the place to be is on the rides on the midway.

Shane Campbell of Grand Island said, "It brings our family a little bit closer together. Gives us some time to bond together. We just smile and laugh together, that's what it's all about for us."

"Something for people to do in between exhibits and stuff I guess," said Melonie Cadwallader of Dunning.

Kylie Cadwallader added, "Yea and some of us we live in a rural community so we don't get too much so when they come to the state fair they have a chance to go on the rides."

"Good chance to hang out with people," concluded Melonie.

And the carnival is meant to bring that happiness to fair goers.

"What we do is we just provide the landscaping and we want to make it look ascetically pleasing to the eye, we want to be very inviting and we work very hard at doing that and we feel that it really softens the environment, it makes people look at it like 'Wow this is not just a typical carnival this looks more like an amusement park,'" said Gary Zaitshik, the General Manager for Wade Shows Inc.

Carnival officials say it brings in the most money for the fair every year, well over $100,000. And with so many people enjoying it, Wage Shows decided to grow this year's carnival.

"Something new for this year that were very excited about is the Rockstar ride. It's a super spectacular ride and we also have a kid ride called the happy swing, and it's an new ride as well," said Zaitshik. "We have the classic rides like a merry-go-round right next to us, we have a total world, we have other great ride that we brought back, the white water ride. We have a good variety of family rides where parents can ride with kids as well and don't forget we also have the skytran here too."

With so many choices, it seems hard to pick, but everyone seems to have their own favorite ride.

"I like the roller coaster and the tilt a whirl and something like that," said Melonie Cadwallader.

Kylie added, "Yeah I think I like the fireball that was down there first one we were on it was good."

"I would like the Ferris wheel. It's nice because you can see granddad from a different perspective. You can see all around, it's neat when you get up there," said Campbell.

That ferris wheel is twice as large this year as it was in 2013.

ZAITSHIK said he hopes to be back in Nebraska every August for years to come.

He said, "This is one of the greatest fairs in the country, the Nebraska State fair. They have great buildings but what exhibits and the role air conditioning buildings. So please come on out and enjoy the fair."