State Senator Pushes for Fountains to Be Constructed at State Capitol

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If one State Senator gets his way, there will be fountains in four courtyards at the State Capitol. Senator John Nelson from Omaha introduced the Completion of the Capitol bill.

He says having fountains was the original intent of the architect of the Capitol, but they were never constructed. Senator Nelson says he wants the fountains to be completed for the the Nebraska Sesquicentennial in three years.

"This is a historical structure of which we're very proud," said Nelson. "It belongs to the people and we believe that a completion should be paid for by the people."

Nelson said if passed this project would be financed over three years and the price tag will not exceed $2.5 million. Senator Nelson says the money would come from either the cash reserve or general fund. Nelson said this is a small amount of money compared to other Capitol improvements liking fixing the air conditioning.

Nelson says the fountains would increase the beauty of the Capitol as well.