Stem Cell Transplant Saves Hickman Man's Life

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"It was surreal, I don't know if it's ever sunk in that I've had cancer," said Hickman Resident Mike Stewart.

It was nearly a year ago when Mike Stewart was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma and MDS, two forms of cancer that required him to spend 85 days in the hospital receiving blood work and treatment.

"His blood would be going down hill, he'd be getting pale, losing energy. Then he'd go in for transfusions and it'd perk him back up," said Mike Stewart's Sister Becky Stewart.

It was a Stem Cell Transplant he received last October that helped him begin his recovery and a donation that came from a complete stranger.

"It was life saving, it was a 23 year old female that's all I know about her, donating her Stem Cells so I could live," said Mike Stewart.

Improving in health, Mike and his family are now focused on getting the word out about the importance of blood and Stem Cell Donations with Saturday's event "Savior Neighborhood" where people will be able to donate blood and learn about giving Stem Cells.

"My other brother and I weren't able to be donors for him so I figured the next best thing would be to see if other people could help out and help other people," said Becky Stewart.