Still No Answers in Deadly Fire

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A day after firefighters find the body of a 9-year-old boy in a charred home, now those who knew the boy are asking questions.

Those who knew Anton Fomin and lived near him say they are shocked and saddened by the death of the 9-year-old.

One viewer who sent us an email says she fondly remembers Fomin. She said, "Anton was a sweet lovable little boy."

Because the case involves a death, the State Fire Marshal's Office and the Lancaster County Sheriff have referred us to the Lancaster County Attorney.

We are waiting an update from County Attorney Joe Kelly as to the cause of the fire and the cause of Fomin's death. Officials told us this is standard operating procedure when a death occurs.

Investigators continue to look into the cause of the fire which destroyed the home.
Taylor lives next door to the home where Fomin's body was found.

"I just knew they had some kids and he was a truck driver but we never really got a chance to meet them. It's tragic that happening to any family."

And those who knew the boy say they want answers. That same viewer who emailed us said," I hope your reporters keep digging into this tragedy."