Stocking Up For A Thanksgiving Meal

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We are accustomed to seeing a Christmas stocking, but at the Super Saver on 48th street there was a Thanksgiving stocking. Stocking up on food for the big Thanksgiving day meal.

"I got everything I need. I was just getting my last minute dessert items. I'll make a sweet potato pie and a pumpkin pie." said Carmen Gill of Lincoln with a shopping cart filled with food.

"My last minute items today include whipped cream for the pie, ice coffee, rolls .and we thought we would sneak in some doughnut holes," said Kerrigan Zerkle of Lincoln

Jeremy Watson was shopping for his family and his girlfriend. "I am stocking up and getting ready. I'm making stuff that I typically don't even eat."

"It will be hectic tomorrow. It's my first time. I will cook for probably 7 to 10 people," said Jaquanie Moore of Lincoln.

"I'm stocking up on beer and soda, said Lincoln's Rick Krumbholz. When he was asked about the turkey, he replied, "that's not my department. My wife is taking care of that."

Kristi Beyer of Lincoln found herself buying more produce. "I have a vegetarian brother-in-law coming. So that takes extra work. It's fun thought," added Beyer.

"The whole family brings something. I cook the ham and the turkey," said Richard Norris who has been cooking for over 60 years.

Aggie Gesch of Lincoln will cook for over 40 people. "So it's busy stocking up and getting ready. I'm getting my spiral ham and we will have that with some ribs and another turkey that my niece made."

Larry Frisch of Lincoln made a special trip just for cranberries. "You Can't forget the cranberries," said Frisch who said it's the best part of the Thanksgiving meal.