Stolen Tortoise Returns to Lincoln Children's Zoo

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'Captain Hook' is back at the Lincoln Children's Zoo after she was stolen 15 months ago.

The red-footed tortoise went missing in March 2013, but wasn't reported stolen, as zookeepers thought it had simply escaped from its enclosure and would return later.

It didn't... until now.

Lincoln Police said the zoo received an anonymous tip Wednesday from someone who claimed a woman had the tortoise in her home and was keeping it as a pet.

Officers went to the home and found the tortoise. Police said the woman who lives there told police her then-boyfriend showed up at 3 one morning, covered in tortoise poop, and gave the tortoise to her daughter as a gift.

Police took the tortoise to the zoo where keepers identified it as 'Captain Hook', who's worth about $400.

Officers cited 25-year-old Michael Sullivan for burglary.