Store Owners on High Alert as Robberies Continue to Mount

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Eight convenience stores in eight days held up at gun point. It's a crime spree that has store owners concerned.

"We're always concerned but all we can really do is take precautionary measures," Ustop Convenience Store Owner Mark Whitehead Said.

Whitehead owns 21 Ustop locations across Lincoln. Police say one of his stores was held up for a bottle of beer.

"It just makes you wonder what these people are thinking," Whitehead said.

Other stores lost much more. Robbers got cash from two Casey's General Stores, a Super C, Kwik Shop, Subway, a food truck and Juice Stop.

"I couldn't believe it because we've been in business for 13 years with 5 locations and this is the first time in all those years that it happened. I just never thought it would happen," Owner of Juice Stop Larry Holtz said.

The Subway and Juice Stop robberies have a similar story, a man with a gun needing money to feed his kids, but police say it's too early to tell which robberies are related.

Whitehead says he does everything he can to deter robbers. He uses bright lights, limits window displays and has top of the line surveillance systems.

"Their safety is not worth the little bit of money they are going to be getting away with. We do not do anything that's confrontational, remain calm, give them the money and get them out of the store as soon as possible," White head said.

Even with all the security measures, Whitehead knows the threat is still out there.