Stores Getting Ready For 'Thursday' Night Sales Ahead of Black Friday

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Retailers are offering Black Friday deals earlier this year.

For the first time many will open their doors at 8 p.m. Thursday night enticing customers to camp out during the day to cash in on the hot deals.

At the Kmart store in Grand Island, employees are putting the final touches on everything before Thursday & Friday's big sales.

"Getting the product out and easy to find for the customer," said Kmart Store Manager Joe Glaser.

Kmart is one of a handful of stores that will offer hot deals on thanksgiving ahead of traditional Black Friday sales.

"We do have some deals starting at six tomorrow morning, and then again at eight o'clock tomorrow night. Then at five o'clock Friday morning," said Glaser.

Which means employees will have to be away from their family during the holiday.

"We just do everything we can during the holiday to show our appreciation. We understand that everybody is giving up some time away from their families," commented Glaser.

While some employees at big retail chains nationwide aren't happy about the change, employees at the G.I. Kmart seem to be on board with working a portion of the holiday.

"I have a great group of associates that understands what it en-tales," said Glaser.