Storm Rips Off Roof of Apartment Building

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The sun shone high and bright in Superior Wednesday, but gray skies overshadowed the city Tuesday night when high winds blew the roof off of an apartment building.

Residents say there was no rain, but the storm that blew through Nuckolls County was still forceful.

"I was in our apartment in the living room and it just kind of sounded like there was a train going across the roof of the next building and the wood just kind of peeled up from the back and just rolled across, and there it lays," says resident Myron Gray.

The storm arrived around 7 p.m. Wednesday evening, producing what the National Weather Service recorded as severe winds.

"There was a window that blew out back there, it's the back porch to #2. It just took it out and dropped it on the ground," says Gray.

Derek Clark, the inspector for the City of Superior, says the building is unsafe for occupancy at the moment. He says he will bring his findings to the Health Board and also work with the owner to decide the fate of the property.

In the meantime, residents say the Red Cross is helping put them up in a local motel.

"We just did a quick 5-minute packing, we got clothes, the girls' clothes, and cleaned out the refrigerator. We're just taking it one minute at a time right now," Gray says.

The storm also took down several trees in Lincoln Park and along Park Street, but crews have already cleaned up the debris.