Storms Leave Gibbon Home Without A Roof

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GIBBON, Neb. -- Wednesday night's severe weather left the Gibbon-area with trees down, siding damage and windows broken from hail. But topping all of that is the roof blown off a home.

"All of a sudden it was here and there was a lot of hail and wind like I'd never seen before and we took cover and when we came out the roof was gone," said Jessica Kier the homeowner.

The National Weather Service is working to confirm if a tornado caused the damage in Gibbon that ruined much of the Kier's home.

"My whole room is soaked because of water going through our roof so everything electrical in my room is done for," said Tayven Kier.

Farmers also took a big hit form last night's storm.

"I think the farmers around Gibbon will have some financial difficulty this year," said Matt Smallcomb the Assistant Fire Chief.

"A lot of people have been hit hard and our neighbors to the east of us have a vineyard and their vineyard is gone and it's really devastating, I think, for a lot of people," said Kier.

The family said their house has extensive water damage, but it's nothing they won't be able to replace.