Students Campaign for Teacher to Meet the President

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Crete High School students are tapping out tweets, Facebook posts and even letters, all for Bernie Ludvik. He's the inspiration behind the Ludvik Campaign.

"People that we didn't know started liking and commenting on Facebook and Twitter," CHS student Maggie Bock said.

The campaign has brought thousands together to send one man 1,200 miles away to Washington D.C. to fulfill a lifelong dream.

They want to, "either get the president here or get Mr. Ludvik to see the president," CHS student Kestler Clement said.

It's something he came close to once before.

"A teacher of ours here at Crete High School had a dream of going to the inauguration to see the president speak and had gotten in a car accident and wasn't able to make it," CHS teacher Drew Rische said.

That accident not only cost Ludvik a trip, but almost his life.

So, while their teacher, friend and mentor recovers, Crete High School students stay hard at work.

"He's just kind of what I want to be like when I grow up," CHS student Cory Hintz said.

If the campaign wraps before the students meet their goal, they hope the message is enough.

"We just hope he gets better and comes back to us," CHS student Kim Skala said.