Student's Mother Says Alleged Sex Offender Allowed in Local School

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A Crete family said their child doesn't feel safe at school.

They said one school administrator welcomed an alleged sex offender onto school grounds.

It was earlier this week when a mother said her child went to Crete High School and crossed paths with the man accused of sexually assaulting her earlier this year.

That man is 52-year-old Chad Eggebraaten, who is currently under court order to not have contact with the girl and other children under fifteen years of age.

The student's mother said the school's principal invited Eggebraaten into the school, asking him to chaperone a field trip.

"I thought that maybe he didn't understand the charges, maybe he wasn't fully aware. I was giving the benefit of the doubt. But, once I learned what happened in the office," the victim's mother said.

She said what happened in the office is her child went to the principal in tears.

But the principal, according to the mother, just shrugged it off.

"It's heartbreaking to see her go through it," she said. "It makes her wonder where can I be safe? If I can't be safe at school, what's that mean if I'm at the ballfield? What's that mean if I'm here?"

And, it has other parents wondering about the safety of their own children.

"Crete is a small town but there are 6,000 people here," mother of a high school student Dr. Jane Bock said. "So, if there are 6,000 people here, I think there would probably be somebody maybe who would be a better choice to supervise a field trip than somebody who is not allowed to be with people under the age of 16."

As a parent and long time educator, Bock said in this case it comes down to one administrator.

"He seems to have come to a decision about the legality of the outcome of this trial before it even took place and has made decisions about where this man can be in the school district and that upsets me," Bock said.

The victim's mother said the family is working with the superintendent and is hopeful they'll find a way to make her daughter feel safe at school again.

She said police are also investigating.

10/11 News tried to contact the principal and superintendent on numerous occasions, but did not receive a call back.