Students Paint Plow with Message of Gay Tolerance

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Students at a local high school hope a painted snow plow does more than clear the streets this winter.

Students in Lincoln Northeast's Rainbow Gay Straight Alliance club painted their plow with rainbows and the letters "GSA".

It was part of a larger project 10 schools took part in.

The students say they're not trying to make a political statement.

Instead, they're trying to raise awareness about their group and spread a message of acceptance.

Junior Trent Kersten says, "Hopefully the rainbow makes them smile and then hopefully they'll think of the struggle that not only gay people but that everyone has because living is a struggle and you have to get through it."

The students' teacher Maggie Elsener said the school was given no parameters about what they could or could not paint and both the school's principal and art director were behind the project.

She says the project was a good way for students to spread a message important to them, saying "It's just a presence in the community because there's many people that are a part of the Lincoln community and students, faculty, etc are all part of this community and so it's just another way to sort of participate in the community."

The city employee in charge of the project was unavailable for comment.