Students Recognized by Governor for Agriculture Based Contest

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- During Ag Week the state held a competition to draw a poster of Nebraska family farms. On Tuesday one Grand Island class was honored with the 1st and 3rd place awards for their age division.

As Governor Dave Heineman presented two awards in the Ag week poster contest to Ms. Meyer's 5th grade class at Knickrehm Elementary School. He spoke about the importance of agriculture in Nebraska, but he spoke even more on the importance of education.

"I feel like a star. I feel like a 1st place winner," said Dabatha Sanchez, the 1st place winner of the 5th-6th Grades in the Nebraska Family Farms Poster Contest.

Sanchez, a 5th grader, beat out thousands of participants state wide to win the poster contest. She and 3rd place winner Jazzlyn Nava both used lessons from school in drawing their winning entries.

"Ms. Meyer explained FFA and 4H and that's how I got my idea to put that on," said Nava.

Sanchez added, "I was thinking of products and crops and livestock of Nebraska."

Governor Heineman was on hand with the certificates because he wanted to advocate for Nebraska youth learning about Ag.

The Governor said, "I think it's important for young students every day to learn about agriculture. It's the #1 industry in our state, we just became the #1 cattle feeding state in all of America and we all need to understand this is the foundation of our economy and so it's very good, very important."

But while he talked about agriculture first, the Governor talked at length about the importance of a good education.

"It's about education and they're learning something every single day and that's what makes me so proud is when you can combine the states #1 industry with education that's very significant and very important," said Governor Heineman.

And Tuesday's winners said they're enjoying learning about the state's top industry.

Sanchez said, "I learned that we make butter and popcorn here and I didn't know that we grew alfalfa and soybeans here in Nebraska."

The students also learned what the Governor does through a Q&A session, something they realized is a unique opportunity.

"It's not everyday that you see a Governor come to your class," said Nava.

Before the Governor came to Grand Island, he stopped in Cairo at Centura Elementary School to present the 1st place awards to the 1st-2nd and 3rd-4th grade winners.