Study 'Kearney Adds Millions of Dollars to State's Economy"

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A new study says the University of Nebraska at Kearney adds millions of dollars annually to the state's economy.

At the University of Nebraska at Kearney a new study touts the schools $653.8-million addition to the states economy annually.
Chancellor Kristensen says the study shows the benefits of higher education.

"About $590 million of that are the increased incomes that our graduates earn," said UNK Chancellor Doug Kristensen.
"The average undergraduate starting salary is going to be about twice that of a high school degreed individual," he went on to say.

The study also took into account the combined effects of spending in Nebraska each year by the university itself which is $42.7-million, and by students and visitors from outside the state which equals $20.7-million.

Dollars Luke & Jake's BBQ located right across the street from campus is seeing some of that money.

"We see quite a bit coming and going throughout the day because we are right next door. We have a lot of faculty coming in every lunch hour," said Jay McCaslin with Luke & Jake's BBQ and Catering.

The economic impact doesn't stop there, the study says it has a ripple effect, but Kristensen says it starts with education and students at Kearney.

"It's that quality offering of an education that will yield benefits for the entire state of Nebraska not just the Kearney region," said Kristensen.