Summer Food Service Program Serves Thousands in Lincoln

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The Lancaster County Health Department is in the midst of running the Summer Food Service Program across Lincoln, serving food to hundreds of kids each day. There are currently 34 locations in Lincoln that serve free lunches to kids from low-income families that qualify for free or reduced meals.

The funding for this program comes from the USDA and neighborhood donations.

Mike Heyl, who oversees the Summer Food Service Program, says they have served 200,000 meals the last two summers combined.

Nearly 16,000 kids in the Lincoln Public School district qualify for this program. Heyl hopes to serve 3,500-4,000 kids over a 10 week span this summer.

The national average for kids eligible participating in summer food service programs is 10%. Lincoln currently serves roughly 20% of kids eligible.

Here's a list of locations that participate in this program:

Abbott Sports Complex
7600 No. 70th

Ager Play Center
1300 So. 27th

Airpark Recreation Center
3720 NW 46th

Belmont Community Center
3335 No. 12th

Belmont Elementary
3425 No. 14th

Boys & Girls Club
855 So. 8th

Brownell Elementary
6000 Aylesworth Ave

Calvert Recreation Center
4500 Stockwell

2200 Dodge

Carol Yoakum Family Resource
4621 NW 48th

Culler Middle
5201 Vine

Dawes Middle
5130 Colfax

Don D Sherrill
300 No. 56th

225 So. 25th

Everett Elementary
1123 C

F Street Community Center
1225 F St.

Goodrich Middle
4600 Lewis Ave

Hartley Elementary
730 No. 33rd

Holmes Elementary
5230 Sumner

Huntington Elementary
2900 No. 46th

Lakeview Elementary
300 Capitol Beach Blvd

Lefler Middle
1100 So. 48th

Lincoln Christian Fellowship
4111 NW 44th

Mercy Northglen
3301 Portia

Mercy Services Corporation
2206 W Q

Northeast Family Center
6220 Logan Ave

Northeast High
2635 No. 63rd

Norwood Park Elementary
4710 No. 72nd

Pershing Elementary
6402 Judson

Prescott Elementary
1930 So. 20th

Randolph Elementary
1024 So. 37th

Salvation Army
2625 Potter

Mobile Home Court
2545 Theresa Ct

2929 No. 40th

Willard Community Center
1245 So. Folsom