Superstorm Sandy has Lincoln Woman Stuck in NYC

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Stuck by Sandy: it's a scary reality for one Lincoln woman trapped in New York. With planes grounded, she's weathering the storm.

Superstorm Sandy is bearing down, with New York City and one Lincolnite in its path.

Thirteen hundred miles away, her family is waiting and hoping for the storm to pass.

For Brayden and Dalton Hansen, the New York skyline in their living room is a far cry from what their mother is seeing from her NYC hotel room.

"I really love her," son Brayden Hansen said.

"I just can't live without her," son Dalton Hansen said.

It's a message to mom as she sticks out the storm halfway across the country. It's one they hope to deliver in person soon.

"I need her home. Otherwise, it's just like a piece of my life is missing," Dalton Hansen said.

But, with city streets empty and airport terminals packed heading home is nearly impossible.

"She had a flight booked to come next Saturday, but that flight is even up in the air," husband Mark Hansen said.

For now, that means phone calls and fingers crossed.

"The hardest part is just being away and knowing that I can't be with her or do anything to help," Mark Hansen said. "Knowing that she has to go through it alone, that's the hardest part."

In the meantime, the Hansen's are hunkering down and weathering a superstorm from their Nebraska living room.

Other travelers are trying to avoid Vicki's situation.

Executive Travel said many people headed East are cancelling their plans.

They said the top reason is fear of getting stuck.