Surprised Wife Gets Special Song Dedication

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LINCOLN, Neb. Everyone has seen video clips where deployed service members wish loved ones season's greetings. 10/11 caught up with a woman who had a surprise song dedicated to her at a the Fat Toad in Lincoln.

Joseph Jauernic and his wife Sabrina were married before his second deployment. They have not seen each other in over a year.

Friday night, Sabrina went to a Lincoln area bar and was surprised when the DJ called her name and said he had a song dedication from Afghanistan. Standing alone on the dance floor, Sabrina was told to dance to the music and a video of her dancing would be sent to back to Joe.

Sabrina said it would be hard to dance without a partner so a suitable fellow was found. It turned out to be Joe himself.

25-year-old Joe, who serves as a Army Reservist in Missouri as an engineer, had been planning this surprise for over a month, while still in Afghanistan. Several friends kept his surprise a secret too.

24-year-old Sabrina, a meteorology student, elbowed Joe in the ribs when he admitted being back in the states since last Friday. He rode his motorcycle to Lincoln from St. Louis.

Even with careful planning Joe says he could not reach out to the bar until he got to Lincoln. He asked the DJ to play their song after calling Sabrina out and dedicating it to her, "all the way from Afghanistan."

Sabrina says Joe has been a bit scarce on their normal means of communication, Skype and Facebook. That made her think he may show up and surprise her. Different sounding knocks at her office door had her excitedly wondering if he was on the other side.

When their song played Friday night, Sabrina's eyes scanned the entire bar, an easy thing to do early in the evening before crowds filled the building. She says she was not sure if he was there or not and actually thought he was still overseas, for a second or two. Joe was hidden but could see her on the floor and came out while she had her back turned.

Then, the two danced to their song. There was a lot of hugging and kissing too.

Sabrina says her biggest worry now is how cluttered her apartment is. Joe says he does not care a bit about the clutter, as long as he is with her.

The pair plan on a motorcycle ride, some sightseeing and relaxing together, after Sabrina is able to calm down.