Sutton Celebrates Annual Festival 2 Months After Tornado

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SUTTON, Neb. -- On Mother's day a tornado tore through the town of Sutton destroying businesses and homes and filling the streets with debris.

But nearly 2 months later it's a totally different scene.

This weekend the community kicked off the summer with an annual celebration.

Sutton's Dug Out Days Festival has been held for more than 60 years.

Every year on the last weekend in June the small town doubles in size.

This weekend more than 3,000 residents and former residents came to the town.

But this year the community is filled with more pride than ever before.

"Small town strong is what a lot of people have been talking about. It's amazing how many people have come up to help you and you know them but you don't know them personally that well, but they come out and help you," said Sutton resident Kathy Douglas.

Sunday the community came together for a barbecue and a golf tournament. The festivities ended with the Sutton's got talent competition.